Un décapsuleur pour votre vélo

tumblr_m61kx83Dsg1r6ysn1o1_500.jpg BUDNITZ BEER WRENCH Never a company to shy away from innovation, our lovely new Budnitz Titanium Beer Wrench has a wrench on one side and a bottle opener on the other. Two titanium thumb-screws attach it securely the the water bottle mounts on most bicycles (including ours). The 15mm wrench removes solid wheel axle bolts, internal hubs, and Pitlock keys, making it perfect for fixing a flat on the road. The bottle opener opens… a beer. Or a bottle of San Pellegrino. Or any other fizzy beverage you might encounter on an extended ride. Engraved over the bottle opener is a quote inspried by 13th Century Zen Master Dogen, helpfully reminding the lost rider that he’s always exactly where he’s supposed to be. Machined from aerospace-grade titanium. Weighs a paltry 35 grams. Just $38. Available in our web store now.

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Joakim Faiss @jokef